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Women's boss trying to remain optimistic

11 May 2020

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Carla Ward, manager of United's Women's team, says she has combined spending time with her young family and developing her management skills during the Covid-19 pandemic which has suspended the Women's Championship indefinitely.

And although Ward will hope to mirror the men's first team and return to action in the coming weeks and months, she admits the longer it goes the less likely the current campaign is to be finished.

Ward remarked: "I really want to see our league finish because we're in a good position, but the longer this goes on you question what is important in life and what risks are worth taking.

"I appreciate there's a lot of money in the Premier League, but when you look at the Women's Championship that's part time, you really have to assess the risks.

"It's tough, everyone is going to be losing money, but one thing I've always said though, even before this pandemic is our model from a business point of view is very good.

"This allows us to be sustainable, it allows other parts of the Club to be sustainable and I hope good business over the years will allow us to cope with this current situation."

Ward added: "The first couple of weeks I thought I'm not going to cope with this, but I've got an 11-month old little one, so I've spent some good quality time with her.

"It's been good to catch some moments because in football management you don't spend too much time at home. It's been productive from a personal point of view. You do a lot of reflecting and learning too, the webinars, the amount of people you connect with really gives you chance to learn and develop.

"But quite a few of the girls have come to me with their own concerns though. We are constantly in dialogue about certain concerns, but right now it's a case of making sure everyone is comfortable and everyone has got over their concerns to be able to return to playing.

"We certainly wouldn't make anyone come back to play that wasn't ready."

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