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Ward on impact of Covid-19 on women's game

6 May 2020

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Carla Ward, boss of United's women's side, says her and her players are fortunate to be 'backed by a great Club', especially in these unprecedented times given the Covid-19 pandemic that continues to have a devastating effect on the country.

Speaking to a number of local media outlets on Wednesday, Ward discussed a number of topics, including the current suspension of the WSL, a possible resumption and how her players are remaining professional during the pandemic.

She began: "It's obviously not been great (the timing of the suspension) , particularly at a moment where, although we're six points behind, we were coming into a period where Villa had tough games and we had an opportunity to pounce, in that respect it came at the wrong time for us.

"But for us at Sheffield United, we're backed by a great Club, but with Women's football there will be some casualties, which is not great for the game.

"It's difficult because you're always going to get someone that isn't going to happy. In such exceptional times like this it's difficult because everyone has their own agendas, but for me, with our division, we're trying to get it on.

"If it does (resume), first and foremost health and safety has to come into play because we're not just talking about football clubs, we're talking about individual players with families at home. It's not just going to come down to the FA, it's going to come down to clubs and individuals whether they want to put themselves in that position."

Ward added: "Our girls have a schedule that we try to match up to the times we train normally, so they have a bit of consistency and normality.

"They have two calls with the performance coach per week, they have a wellness call and then a team call, which will be based around any updates from the FA or the Club.
"I've spoken with our Club doctor and we're looking at solutions to get back in, but it's just been a discussion because until we get the green light to do so it's tough.

"The Club have been absolutely brilliant, they treat us just like the first team and Academy and certainly take into consideration the fact we've still got to finish our season, providing the season restarts."

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