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Shred's funeral

6 March 2015

The funeral of Blades fans David Spencer will take place on Friday 13th March at City Road Cemetery, at 11.15am.

The funeral cortege will be first arriving at Bramall Lane at 10.30am in the Cherry Street car park so the man known to all as 'Shred' can visit his spiritual home on his final journey.

Those who wish to say their farewells are welcome to do so at the stadium, and the area immediately in front of the statues of Derek Dooley and Joe Shaw will be set aside as a safe area for those attending. The cortege will stay for a period before carrying on to the service.

Facilities at City Road will be placed under considerable stress by the large numbers anticipated and it is hoped that this arrangement will go some way to alleviating any issues up there. Due to other events at the stadium on the day and the area for mourners being set aside, car parking will extremely limited at the ground and those wanting to show their respects are encouraged to look at alternative methods of transport.

David's family are overwhelmed at the support of love shown by fellow Blades and the wider football family and have asked that those wishing to do so should make donations to the British Heart Foundation in memory of a much loved son, brother, friend and character.

The sudden passing of Blades fan David Spencer - known to all as Shred - late last week has been a great loss to the Blades family.

Sheffield United have been inundated with ideas from supporters with regards to suitable tributes to Shred and the Club, who wore black armbands in Saturday's game at Crawley Town, will discuss possible options with his family and friends at the right time.

For Tuesday's game against Peterborough United, black armbands will once again be worn and a minute's remembrance will take place before kick-off. In addition, tributes in the match programme and over the PA system are planned.

Also, a number of supporters have also written to the Club with their own tributes and below is a flavour of the comments offered as the Blades family mourn a quiet, unassuming 100 per cent Unitedite.

I am sure the Club won't underestimate the popularity and impact Shred had on our beloved Club. I never met him but was told of his legendary status amongst Blades fans, and at every away game I have attended we always played the game of 'spot Shred' and sure enough we always found him.
- Nick Parker

I just wanted to write to say how appropriate the article on Shred was on the Club website. It was extremely well thought out, articulate and captured the mood of Unitedites well. Also it was a magnificent gesture for Nigel Clough to respond so quickly. I never knew Shred personally but saw him countless times up and down the country through thick and thin. This article made me very emotional and my thoughts go out to his family and many, many friends.
- Chris Saunders

I was lucky enough to have spent time with Shred in my younger days back in the early 80s, going away with Shred on the coaches he ran back then and still up until his death. He was such unassuming gentlemen and will never forget the day we went away to Goodison Park in the cup, early 80s, I was 17 years old things got a bit ugly before the game, Shred being Shred made sure all the young ones were looked after, he was such a calming influence. I know he will be truly missed by all that had pleasure to have called him a friend.
- Amien Jama, Darnall Blade

Sorry to hear of the sad loss of Shred (top Blade), he will be missed by all who knew him.
- From Albert the white rabbit, Eckington

So sad to learn of the passing of a true Blades legend, David Shred Spencer. I have so many fond memories of travelling on Shred's coaches. He will never be replaced. Not a bad word for anybody.
- Feeb

First of all I want to pass on my condolences to a true Blades legend and to his family at such a sad time. It will be a very strange feeling not seeing Shred down at Crawley on Saturday. Every away game I've ever been to in 35 years, you would always look out for this icon, sure enough there he would be, with is famous long hair and glasses. This year was the first time I've ever spoken to him apart from odd hello and thumbs up. It felt like I'd got the royal approval from the true Blade, such was the status of the man. I've heard 100s of stories about the man, but not one negative (now how many people can you say that about?)
- Anon

Absolutely shocked and stunned to hear this news. Have known Shred since the early 1970s and never knew him to be any different, whenever I saw him. It is only 2-3 weeks since I last spoke to him. My sincere condolences to his family, he will be terribly missed by all who knew him, a Blades legend.
- Kathryn Woodward

Just wanted to pass on my condolences for someone I never actually knew as such, but always nodded to and acknowledged at many many an away game over the last 35 years - indeed an icon of all Blades Supporters.
- David Laing

Sincere sympathy to all Shred's family. There's only one Shred. He'll be sadly missed.
- Sam Kydd

- So sad to hear of the passing of a Blades legend , spent many a journey to away matches with him all round the country when growing up. Was always happy to talk to you both before and after games whatever the result, will be sadly missed. He now goes to join all the Blades greats looking down on us from above.
- Mark Griffiths

Shred was a top man, top Blade and a top friend. Shred and his coach are the reason my love for the Blades has grown so strong, I go every week and Shred always said “the best Blade is the next one coming through”. He had time for anyone and I feel proud to have spent time with Shred on our trips away. I still cannot believe what has happened and I don't think we will come to terms with it for a long time.
A truly great man

- Bradley Maw

I'm only a young pup of a Blade in context - 31 years old - but have had the absolute pleasure to have known Shred for 17 of those years; a significant amount of time. He, along with other Blades who are well known to those inside the Club and no doubt will be (most probably have been) in contact with you, effectively helped raise me in my formative years watching United. From league and cup matches, reserves, friendlies and even as part of the unofficial party of Blades that visited China in 2005 - Shred has been a constant figure in my footballing life and to know that he won't be there just doesn't sit right. I'm by no means a religious or even mildly spiritual person, but a light has gone out in Sheffield today.
- Josef Ogden

So sorry to hear the sad news about David. I have known him for a very long time and he was the kindest most unassuming lovely man. My heart goes out at this sad time and he will be missed by all who knew him.
- Dot Buck

Absolutely gutted at the news of Shred's passing, I lost my brother at a Blades match over 20 years ago and the way I feel today is very similar to how I felt then. He was a truly nice bloke, with time for everyone, and the messages of sympathy I have received from our football friends around the country reflect the high esteem he was held in, not just in Sheffield, not just in England, but around the world. Farewell dear friend.
- Kev Gascoigne

I am sure this is one of many communications expressing the sad loss of David, I hope the SUFC family will remember this kind, passionate SUFC and genuine football supporter in a manner fitting his magnificent commitment to our Club, the armbands worn by the players at Crawley was a worthy gesture. In these days of artificial sentiment this gentleman is one truly worthy of remembrance
- Dave Hall

Thank you for the gesture made by the players and club yesterday in wearing black arms bands. I see that you are speaking to David's family about a tribute that is appropriate and I feel that their wishes of course should be respected. I hope that this is made in a great a gesture as possible.
I organised a small tribute yesterday at Crawley by hunting out a haberdashery in Crawley to buy 10metres of black ribbon and then cut in to pieces to hand out to my fellow Blades in the Crawley pub at the stadium. The 30 or so pieces (I'm sorry I couldn't buy more) went very quickly with everyone wanting one. Again a sign of how much he wants to be remembered in anyway possible.

- Pete Wells

I have only know Shred a short time (34 years) but feel a lump in my throat at his passing, will be greatly missed around, true legend forever. RIP mate.
- Philip Ward

I've known Shred nearly 50 years .That, my friend, is an honour indeed. What a lovely man. Rest in peace number 1 Blade.
- Jim Chadwick

I would like to please pass on my condolences to David Spencer's (Shred to me and my family) family and friends. Me, my daughter, her friend and my other mates have travelled with ‘Shred's Tours' on away games many times in the past few years. Shred was the most nicest bloke I have ever met and a full on Blade. When my daughter and her friend were so young he encouraged them to keep coming to away games. He truly believed in bringing the youth through from being junior blades fans to adult blades fans. Knowing how long he ran away coaches I know he has cultivated young Blades to adults for many, many years. He promoted young people getting involved with away support but also was a shoulder to lean on for many other supporters. I love Shred and have just toasted him tonight.
- Jon Kirwin

I've been on a few of Shred's excursions and each has been professional and fun-filled with great memories. I'm sure there are thousands more that will echo my sentiments towards the man and their travels
- Ricky Speed

I was saddened to hear of the passing of ‘Shred' via your website. My brother and I travelled to many an away game in the 80s and early 90s on coaches organised by him. We always managed to detour to a pub before the game and Shred had an encyclopaedic knowledge of hostelries where we would be welcome. I honestly cannot remember there ever being any trouble or fisticuffs on any of these trips and this is because of the respect everyone had for Shred and what he did and also the fact that he discouraged troublemakers from travelling on his trips. A true gentleman - we shall not see his like again.
- Bob Stevens

From an Owl... sleep well pal. Warmest wishes to family and friends.
- Bill Stewardson

Beyond all the respect Shred gained over the decades as Sheffield United's number 1 fan and go to guy for away games, I think I should also add something that may be overlooked in the rush to express what his untimely death means for the Blades and Blades fans - Shred was a working class socialist and a man who believed in the power of the workers. His belief in equality was an expression of his socialist convictions. His lack of invective towards other people an extension of his political ideology. Shred was not just a great guy because of his unbending Sheffield United dedication but because his personality was formed in accordance with his politics. He cared about his fellow workers and desired a world free from class antagonism, exploitation and want. I'd also like to take this opportunity to thank the club for the proper respect it has shown David and his family.
R.I.P Shred!

- Simon Walker

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