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Message to all supporters

11 December 2015

Following the recent terrorist incidents in France, Sheffield United FC have been reviewing all our security procedures to ensure that supporters remain safe at our facilities.

Whilst we would not want to alarm anyone it is equally important that we are not complacent in our management.

Our general arrangements for safety meet fully with all government and 'Sports Ground Safety Authority' advice and we are confident that we are totally alert in accordance with current threat levels.

All supporters and visitors should be aware however that access control to the stadium may be enhanced and individual searching including bags and vehicles may take place.

We would not wish to prevent those of you who bring essential effects in bags or refreshments in flasks to be unduly inconvenienced by this. It takes only a few seconds for bags or flasks to be opened by request and for them to be cleared by our stewards.

For those of you therefore who wish to bring such items we would be happy to manage this at the turnstiles. At the same time and to ensure that our turnstile operations remain fluid, we would also ask spectators to consider before setting off on their journey whether they have burdened themselves with any unnecessary articles.

Clearly a check of this nature will greatly assist our operation.

Please be reassured that our stewards have all had significant investment in their training. They are here to help and also here to ensure that our stadium remains safe.

Thank you for your understanding.