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Reminder to Blades fans


14:00 16th April 2017

Sheffield United would like to remind supporters that there is a strict zero tolerance policy towards fireworks, flares, smoke bombs and anti-social behaviour and fans risk prosecution and banning orders.

It is a criminal offence to take fireworks, flares or smoke bombs into Bramall Lane and all EFL grounds. Such items will be confiscated immediately and United have measures in place to identify perpetrators.

United's Safety Officer, Jurgen Morton-Hall comments: "Each EFL club is responsible for the actions of its own supporters - home or away - and the actions of a minority is putting the lives of fellow supporters in danger as well as potentially putting the club at risk of costly and severe sanctions from The Football Association. In addition, topically, actions of our fans could impact on ticket allocations for certain matches."

Incidents involving United supporters, at either home or away fixtures, are recorded at the police national database. Incidents involving criminal activity such as pyrotechnic activation will feature but also other incidents where EFL Ground Regulations are breached and the safety of other spectators are compromised. Depending on the circumstances, this could also include inappropriate language which is offensive to others. This information is used as a basis for intelligence led decisions wherever the Blades play.

Mr Morton-Hall added: "This can affect the time a fixture is played or the police category of matches played at Bramall Lane. A police-free game means just that... no financial outlay for policing whatsoever. An increased risk high category can cost the club up to £37,000.

"Fans who are involved in incidents of irresponsible behaviour may wish to consider how many supporters we need in the stadium to pay that sort of bill? Try multiplying that figure by the 23 home matches we host every season and the mind boggling sum is the potential cost if we don't end this trend.

"We want to make Bramall Lane, and the away ends when we travel, a safe and enjoyable environment for all supporters. Please consider others."

Supporters wishing to confidentially report any incident can do so by contacting the Club at